Matthew Orr is thee name for the Artificer who handcrafted these creations you see upon my website, I am the creator of Elder Workshop. I design and create high quality handcrafted sustainably sourced wooden products for adventurers upon all tabletop games.

The passion behind this endeavour into the crafting world has grown out of years of experience and levelling up my skills in the carpentry and joinery expertise. In addition, I have always enjoyed working on projects creating things with my hands, as well as having a love of storytelling and creativity. 

When I got introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop role playing games, I wanted to acquire some quality gear of my own to enhance my gaming experience and help on my adventures. When I failed this quest to find local products to help my constant battles at the table, that triggered a light bulb moment: to switch classes and ignite a passion for crafting my own quality products for likewise adventurers. That is, while working as a joiner I crafted a unique dice tray for a friend, which was well received. During our lockdowns I realised there weren't any wooden tabletop roleplaying game products made in New Zealand using our beautiful native wood Rimu. In addition, buying or importing them from far off lands was too expensive.

I, therefore, decided to embark on the journey of starting a business using reclaimed New Zealand native woods, pine and other woods, I can discover or trade for gold, to create high quality wooden products for all the adventurers in need.

My aim is to share these creations with the amazing adventuring community that comes along with all tabletop games.