Each handcrafted wooden product in Elder Workshop is unique in its own way, with the grain and colour of the wood varying quite a lot depending on which part of the tree it is from.

One thing people love more than getting a standard item is getting a unique and personalised item. So, another way to make your product more unique and personalised to you, is laser engraving. You can have any image, writing or logo laser engraved onto the wood or leather base itself. As long as it is solid black and white.

Custom Text Engraving

Do you have a favourite NPC, a fallen beloved charater or an adventuring group name you'd love to show at each game? Well now you can get any text engraved onto any side or bottomof any Dice Tray you order.

Custom Logo on Leather

Have you ever wanted a custom logo, design or GM's face printed on the leather of your dice tray?

My Client wanted a custom logo of his War Hammer 40k Clan engraved on to the leather of a Medium dice tray, so every roll was with his clan!